The 3 Soulmates You’ll Meet In Your Lifetime (And The Purpose Of Each)

Soulmates You'll Meet In Your Lifetime

(2) Souls who remind us of our identities.

Do you still pick up your violin you used to play as a child, pick up a chord, and still dream of becoming a musician before going to bed, tired after a hard day at the office?

Not all of us are brave enough to be the adults we always wanted to be. Some of us leave their childhood in memories and dreams.

That’s why some souls come in our lives to remind us of our identities which define us. But here’s the bitter part of it. Interactions with these souls might not be always joyous.

Sometimes, we need a storm to create a fertile land. Things might be bitter with them but we need to understand that it’s for a greater purpose. They help us bring out our true selves and realize our true identities.

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(3) Souls who have some space in our lives.

These souls might be strangers we meet in the library, a bus, a movie theater, a flight or anywhere.

We converse with them, share a part of our lives with them and then leave often without even taking the effort to stay connected.

We don’t know much about these souls. But they are there, to fill up our blank spaces, to help us experience things, no matter how small they might be.

Our life is a magical unpredictable journey. We do not know who will we meet. But we need to have the faith in the universe because everything comes with a purpose and whatever that is, it’s for a greater good.

The 3 Types Of Soul We Encounter In Our Life Each One For A Specific Purpose
Soulmates You'll Meet In Your Lifetime Pin
Soulmates You’ll Meet In Your Lifetime
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