4 Types Of Introverts According To Jungian Psychology

Types Of Introverts

Amongst all the types of introverts, thinking introverts are normally never interested in the deeper meaning of things, and always look for facts to substantiate and prove everything.

When they are alone, introverted thinkers keep themselves busy studying and researching topics of their interest, to increase their knowledge regarding it. They love educating themselves about the various things they like and are always on the lookout for new, enriching information. They do this to build an internal and mental framework, to better understand how the world functions on a pragmatic and objective level.

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4. Introverted Intuitives

Types Of Introverts intuitives
4 Types Of Introverts According To Jungian Psychology

Intuitive introverts see the world as a myriad of puzzles to be solved. They love solving complex problems because they feel this is the best way to understand how the world works in it’s truest sense. Intuitive introverts collect as much information as they can from numerous sources, to deduce which fact matches well with their existing perceptions about their surroundings and the world. They always look at the bigger picture, come up with abstract ideas and notions to solve complicated problems.

They love to theorize about the future in a straightforward and logical fashion and try to predict what and how everything will happen and then plan out everything accordingly.

When intuitive introverts stay alone, they like to research topics that are of major interest to them, and then analyze that information to understand whether that fits well with their existing opinions and thoughts. Planning out their future, and thinking about everything long-term is also something you will find them doing very often.

Interestingly, Carl Jung has noted that every human being has both extroverted and introverted traits, that is why, an introverted thinker can be an extroverted sensor, and an extroverted feeler can also be an introverted intuitive. According to him, every person has two extroverted traits and two introverted traits. But sometimes, these are mutually exclusive, like an introverted feeler can also be an introverted thinker at the same time.

There 4 Types of Introverts (according to Jungian Psychology)
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4 Types Of Introverts According To Jungian Psychology

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