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7 Types of Domestic Abuse, Including One That’s Post-Divorce

Domestic Abuse Including Post Divorce

6. Financial abuse. 

In a healthy relationship, the partners discuss major financial decisions collaboratively, with both partners’ opinions counting.

In addition, both partners have independent decision-making authority for everyday purchases. Financial abuse occurs when one partner usurps the control.

7 Types of Domestic Abuse, Including One That's Post-Divorce
Types of domestic abuse

7. Parental alienation. 

Children need to receive love from and to feel loving toward both of their parents. If one spouse makes subtle innuendos or even overt comments that result in turning the children against the other parent, these behaviors are called parental alienation. Such behaviors can occur within a marriage. They harm both the children and the targeted parent.

After a divorce, however, such behaviors may begin to include blocking the children from their court-ordered time with the other parent. That’s how parental alienation can slide from mild, or moderate to severe.

At any level, however, alienating children from the other parent by expressing negative attitudes that convey that children should disrespect and dislike the other, distorting information so that small problematic incidents are blown up into signs of severe bad behavior toward the children, telling outright falsehoods about that parent to induce fright or hatred of the parent is now considered one of the most serious forms of abuse.

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How can you find help as soon as possible?

A two-pronged approach can best help you to recognize abuse of any kind:

  1. Learn what healthy marital behavior looks like. In my Power of Two book and workbookI clarify the full set of skills that enable healthy couples to enjoy a long, strong, loving, and safe partnership.
  2. Study up so you recognize immediately any actions by yourself or your partner that might constitute abuse or that you are beginning to head down the road toward abusive interacting.

When it comes to abuse, ignorance can be dangerous. Information is power. Get it.

Want to know more about the different types of domestic abuse? Check this video out below!

Types of domestic abuse and signs

Written By Susan Heitler  
Originally Appeared On Psychology Today  
Domestic Abuse Post Divorce
7 Types of Domestic Abuse, Including One That's Post-Divorce
Domestic Abuse Including Post Divorce pin
7 Types of Domestic Abuse, Including One That's Post-Divorce
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