6 Types Of Arguments in A Relationship That Show You Are With The Right Person

Arguments Show With Right Person

4. Arguments about the things that hurt you.

In an unhealthy relationship, openly talking about what hurts you can sometimes make things worse, and end up escalating the conflict. This leads to many people choosing to keep quiet about their feelings, in order to avoid rocking the boat. But is this a healthy thing to do when you are in a committed relationship? The answer is, of course not.

But, if you are able to talk to each other freely about the things that bother you or hurt you, and your partner does the same, then know that you are in a good relationship, and you have nothing to worry about. When you are having healthy arguments, after bringing such issues up, and working towards making it better, then be rest assured that your relationship is on solid ground, and both of you are getting closer to each other.

Types Of Arguments That Show You Are On The Right Track
Types Of Arguments That Show You Are On The Right Track

5. Arguments about meeting each other’s families.

This is one of those types of arguments, which can go south very easily. Talking about finances, and getting married can be overwhelming and scary, and so is deciding to meet each other’s families. When you are not feeling sure about this, the way your partner deals with it and handles the argument can say a lot about them and the state of your relationship. When both of you are thinking about introducing each other to your families, but are having arguments about how to do it and when to do it, it is a positive sign.

This means that both of you are secure enough in your relationship, and are serious enough about each other to take this major step. Take for instance, that your partner is upset about the fact that they haven’t yet got to meet your family. This is a good thing, as this shows that they are serious about you and this relationship, and that is why it matters to them so much. Even though taking it slow might be a good idea, your partner’s willingness to get acquainted with your family is something to feel happy about.

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6. Socializing with friends.

Friends are an important part of every person’s life, so naturally, everyone would want their partner to be on good terms with their friends. If your partner is talking to you about your friends and they wish to get along with them, you should be happy about that. Your partner is trying to embrace your friends as their own because they know how important your buddies are for you.

Also, your partner might feel at times that you spend too much time with your friends and lesser time with them. Navigating through a discussion like this might seem like a challenge, but it all depends on how both of you are handling it. They might not tell you to stop seeing your friends, but will expect you to spend quality time with them too.

These are the types of arguments that will help you understand where your relationship stands. Don’t be scared if your relationship is going through this; this simply means that both of you care a lot about making this work. Healthy arguments in a relationship will only make your relationship stronger.

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