The Type Of Single Woman You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

 December 15, 2018

The Type Of Single Woman You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

LIBRA – The Balanced Woman

Libra, you are diplomatic and have a sense of balance.

You would love to be in a relationship but you do not lose your balance if you are not.

You would go out and meet people and explore your options but you would not get too involved or attached to someone till you know they are worth it.


SCORPIO – The Intense Woman

Scorpio, you are the most intense and passionate of all signs.

When you fall for someone, you fall hard and you find it very difficult to let go of people you love. If someone betrays you, you can’t let go of that hurt easily also.

You tend to become overly possessive and obsessive.

You like very passionate and intense lovemaking but you are not into short-term or casual relationships.

In fact, you can come off as so passionate and intense even in the early stages of a relationship; you can scare off a potential mate.


SAGITTARIUS – The Cheeky Woman

Sagittarians are ambitious, driven, generous, focused, freedom loving, seekers of the challenge, open to new ideas, innovation and exploration.

You enjoy your singlehood to the hilt. You like your freedom and you don’t want to be with someone who is too possessive or controlling.

You want someone who is equally wild and free and wants to explore the world with you.

You are in no hurry to settle down till you find your right match because you know how to enjoy your own company and slay your goals.


CAPRICORN – The Logical Woman

Capricorn, you are level-headed, rational, independent and born leaders. You like the world to have a perfect order.

You value stability and security and you know how to find things for yourself.

You would love to have a partner who can work alongside you to create a stable and secure foundation for the future but you are self-reliant in case you don’t find anyone.

You are open to exploring your options to find someone compatible but you are practical enough to not put your life on hold for finding someone.

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AQUARIUS – The fiercely Independent Woman

Aquarians, you are fiercely independent and you value your freedom.

You have a strong sense of purpose and you look for a partner who is equally driven and who would not get intimidated by your success.

You are focused to achieve your goals and you know how to enjoy your own company.

Although you are open to a relationship if you find someone great organically but looking for a partner is not really on your list of priorities.

You are doing incredibly well on your own and you know that you are a great catch.


PISCES – The Romantic Woman

Pisces, you are a hardcore believer in love and romance. You are waiting for someone who can sweep you off your feet. You are also too polite to say no to anyone and you end up dating a lot of people before you find your Mr. Perfect.

All the heartbreaks and experiences from your romantic encounters make way for your artistic leanings anyways so you don’t hold yourself back from falling head over heels and you usually wear your heart on your sleeves.

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The Type Of Single Woman You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign