Twisted Fate

Two pairs of eyes meet – the collision of two different souls. These two souls are polar opposites, yet they managed to be together.

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One of them knew and saw this collision starting.

One of them knew and saw this collision ending.

Looking back, these two souls met at the right time. With just one look the first time they met, they knew that meeting each other was inevitable… But neither one expected it.

Each day was spent with much joy. Each moment they spent together filled them with so much joy and comfort. Each conversation they had never bore any of them out and healed them to the very core of their being.

But in the end… It got stale. These got washed away along with the new season. It was a new season of experience, a new season of realization.

It was a realization that there was somebody else moving his heart all along. All along, the other soul believed that it was the one there for the other the whole time.

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It realized its long time and the closest companion was the one with him the whole time. The one who knew when it feels low, the one who could read him like a book when its energy feels different.

For that soul, being around that companion felt like a peaceful home. A home where it feels safe and sound. A home where, at the end of the day, it feels like its floating. Those two souls connected on an intellectual level – the thing that the other soul lacked.

These two souls were far apart. They were never meant to collide at all, no matter what circumstance. It was just a chance encounter.

Two souls met at the right time, but maybe they weren’t the right piece for each other. One wasn’t there for the other when they needed comfort the most. One wasn’t just enough for the other. Maybe that’s why it was bound to end.

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