Twins: Same Zodiac, Different Personalities

Twins: Same Zodiac, Different Personalities

Twins are as great a biological spectacle as they are in terms of Astrology. Same zodiac, same birth date, same place, yet poles apart in basic characteristics – which is kind of a conundrum considering how much these things matter in the science of Astrology. After all, we are always taught each zodiac has a certain set of qualities and weaknesses that make up their distinct personalities. Then how on Earth is it possible that two people with identical life credentials can have completely contrasting nature.

As it always happens in the case of Horoscope and Astrology, the answer to every dilemma finds its roots in the basic details featuring in the birth chart. A birth chart or a natal chart as you know is an account of all the planetary positions like Jupiter, Venus, the Sun, etc, at the time of your birth. Each entity with a distinct significance in reference to one’s destiny and overall life journey.

However, the important thing to note here is that “Astrology is subject to planetary positions and retrogrades which keep on changing literally every second”. One needs to have exact birth details precise to even minutes and seconds to get accurate Astrological predictions.

Ascendant’s nature and basic behavioral characteristics depend upon its rising sign which, if you understand the basic dynamics of Astrology, foregrounds the foundation of your personality. It accounts for everything from what would be your first impression on others to how would you deal with a breakup. In context to opposite twins, the rising sign is a key factor that sets the two individuals totally apart.

Even the most insignificant of the changes in the time of birth can have a substantial impact on the ascendant degree. In fact, there are plenty of real-life examples where twins had different rising signs because they were off by just a couple of minutes. Even a few seconds can make up for a significant margin as far as Astrology is concerned.

But such is the case when two individuals are born right on the cusp. Where a sign can change within a few minutes but what about when twins are born with the same rising sign. Well, there is nothing much to wonder as it would still be the same. Having similar rising signs is no reasonable condition to consider two people having identical personalities. Besides, there are a lot of people who have similar signs but they hardly seem to get along which means they got to be different.

Maybe if you come to think of it, an individual’s behavioral characteristics or the way he/she conducts itself around other people is way more complex to be generalized into twelve signs. It’s true, Horoscope and zodiac reveal a lot about one’s personality and what traits it would exhibit, but it lacks the minute and more instrumental details. For that, you need a precise birth chart. Because only then you would be able to determine more accurately about a person. Having said that, it must also be remembered that in the case of twins, we are talking about two individuals with different genetic predispositions, so you have to be open to scientific conceptions as well.

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