Twin Flames and Their Purpose In our Life

Twin Flames and Their Purpose In our Life

When Twin Flames Reunite

Twin flames don’t reunite easily in the form of a regular romantic relationship. As long as we try to enforce it, it will be slipping away. Much personal and self-developmental work has to be done first on the part of both before the union is possible, and external obstacles are only the reflection of TF’s current internal un readiness.

As long as you keep thinking “He or she has to change so we can be together”, you are still not ready. You get closer to reunion when You are starting to change. Twin flames always instigate each other to develop further – that is their real esoteric purpose, and that is why they keep each other in unrest.

In a direct or an indirect way they always ‘help’ each other understand what in themselves is missing for completeness.

Twin flame gives us the phantom of a home that we are longing to go back to. But each walks there at their own pace on their own road.

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Written by Sofia Siberia

Twin Flames
Twin Flames and Their Purpose In our Life

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