Twin Flames: What Happens When We Meet Ours

Twin Flames: What Happens When We Meet Ours

How to meet our twin flame?

Now, how do we meet our twin flame? Let’s say, our soul split over millenniums ago, what is the likelihood to encounter our twin flame in this lifetime? Will it ever happen?

In fact, yes.

The universe guides us toward meeting our twin flame and sends us signs to find the path to them.

All we have to do is to listen to the Universe by meditating, becoming more mindful, and being a kind human.

Love and kindness for ourselves — and compassion toward societies — open up doors to connect to the Universe to decipher key messages. We should strive to upgrade ourselves by becoming a better person — and by removing unnecessary elements in our lives such as greed, hatred, ignorance (alongside the teachings of the Buddha). 

It’s only when we detach ourselves from materialistic purposes and become more mindful — or spiritually inclined to listen to divine messages — that we can manifest to encounter our twin flame. 

Once our soul has been upgraded and our body listens to divine codes, we can manifest what we want in our lives. For example, we can kindly ask the universe to send over our twin connection and let the fire burn upon the reunion. 

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Twin Flames: What Happens When We Meet Ours
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