Turn the switch to “Love”

Turn the switch to "Love"

I believe self-love is when you love yourself so fiercely, that nothing can ever make you feel less than “Loved.” Sadly, in today’s world is it hard to feel self-love. To be real honest, it is so hard! But why does it have to be so hard? When in fact is it the easiest action you can do! So do me a favor and try something for me. Look in the mirror, I mean really look not through the rose colored glasses your ego is showing you. Truly look at yourself and tell yourself, I love you, you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are! When you do this observe the feeling you get, it is the warm gooeyness inside that fills you,  it is your soul. Rejoice in the loneliness if possible, every chance you can get in fact! You are never alone, you always have your self, so take care of yourself and love yourself. There is no one like you in the world and that is beautiful. You are poetry, so complex and perfectly written. Put your favorite song on and dance, dance with yourself and smile in the fact that you are pure love. Like a burning fire, you have to put wood on it to keep it blazing. Feed your soul and self nothing but love. Feed the fire with self love and the fire inside you will never go out. We are all pure energy, we will have highs and lows in life, because you know that is life. However, the lows do not have to consume us and make yourself be less loved by our own selves! Do not do this, instead always act, react with love. Even when you are having a horrible day! Isn’t it the worst feeling when we are having an awful day? So we suffer through the whole day with this feeling and really all we have to do is click the switch to “Love”. We have all had these days but sometimes it turns around, right? By the littlest things someone may have done or maybe you simply got the last of something you really wanted and was your size! Wow! That truly turns is around and just like that, you are back to the highs in life. When we are having a great day everything seems to just fall into place like a piece of a puzzle. You have to laugh and sometimes you have to cry. I promise if you always love yourself there will be more highs than lows. Since we are energy, like a battery, if we running low the item may not work at full capacity. Any lower emotions like anger, hate, jealousy, sadness will drain our battery. However, if we replace it with the “highs” in life with higher emotions like Love, happiness, gratefulness then we can run on a full battery. Click the switch in high gear and love yourself so fiercely that your light will never be dim. You are the burning torch that will help light others back to self love. Believe in yourself, believe in miracles, believe in the magic still left in the world! Anything is possible if you just believe!

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