Turmoil – Mindtalk

Turmoil - Mindtalk


Get your head right
Stop trying to fight
It’s Satan that gave you this
He has you in his fist

Feeling up and down
Just a lot of turmoil
Erase that frown
Burry it in the soil

People easily judge
They don’t give a fudge
The battle is my own
Feeling utterly alone

Some argue it doesn’t exist
Some argue it’s for attention
But then, why does it persist?
Creating constant complication

Will the wheel turn?
Will they experience it themselves?
Realising it feels like a constant burn
Or will it rot on the shelves?

So many emotions locked up.
People can’t be trusted.
Turmoil in the tea cup,
today chaos erupted.

Reaching out is difficult enough,
Staring into unforgiving eyes.
The turmoil is getting extremely tough.
Requiring me to tell more lies.

What are the options?
What changes can I make?
What chances should I take?
Was I a mistake?

I can go to hospital
I have the capital.
But to face the prejudice,
I’m left with no energy for this.

Turmoil - Mindtalk

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