Fools are those who think
running away will bring them peace,
funny thing is your pain will
never seem to cease.

Different sunset and sunrise
was this escaping unwise?
City lights have changed
but city lights seem the same,
long before we were estranged
we were like moth and flame .

Bed’s a bit bigger and comfier
but you being on the other side of it calms her.
New faces, new people everywhere
but you’re the only one in her prayer .

New streets , but all I see
is you and me holding hands
and walking down the lane
miss the smell of the first rain
only to realize everything’s gone in vain.

Now August fourteenth is just another date.
All those reminders of your tee shirt were nothing
but just reminders from the fate
that every victory in this worthless battle hurts.

Buildings here are taller though
but sights of mountains and lake forty two
is etched in my mind like the biggest woe.

Now I’m here all alone escaping,
walking down the unknown road.
Escaping from everything I’ve ever known,
Trying to escape from the seeds I’ve sown.

-By Ritika Verma

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