How Trustworthy are Online Psychic Mediums?

When we go online, we have many choices for everything we want to buy or for every service that we wish to access and some of the companies or individuals that we come across are less than reputable. Online psychic mediums are no different. Some will be totally trustworthy, some you will not be able to trust at all and then there will be everything in between. Online psychics are not regulated nor are they required to have any qualifications to call themselves a psychic or a medium, that means that you will have to conduct your own research to find out if you are dealing with the genuine article, it can be easy to be taken in, especially if this is your first reading.

A good rule of thumb when you chat with an online medium is to tune in and reach for your own instincts. How are you feeling about looking through their website, are you touching base with any of the information, does it ring true with you or does it all sound too good to be true or a bit far fetched? Is it possible to obtain any online reviews, it is often the case when people feel as if they have been taken advantage of that they take to the internet to leave a review if they can or they take to the social media channels and leave a review there too, so check all of the different avenues to see what you can find and if you know someone who has used a number of online psychic mediums, you could always ask them for an opinion.

You should know quite quickly into your reading whether the person that you are working with is reputable and trustworthy as there will be a lot of red flags if they are not. A true medium will be receiving spiritual messages and will be acting as a channel through which you can receive the messages. They will not therefore be involved with you in a counselling role and they will not therefore be asking you a number of questions. You will initially be asked for details, date of birth and email but you should not be asked to produce a dossier of your life. They will usually say things during the reading that you will be able to relate to, they may mention names, places and they may describe circumstances that have happened in the past or distant past. They may describe people and they may also describe things or mention names that you cannot relate to, that doesn’t mean that they are untrustworthy, it simply means that you may have no recollection of the event, it may have happened when you were very young for example.In circumstances such as that, it is always a good idea to take a mental note of all of the information shared and then discuss it with your family who may manage to shed some light on the comments.


Remember, your consultation should leave you feeling uplifted and positive. It can in fact allow you to reflect on your life and your circumstances and have the strength to make some positive changes for the future.

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