Trust is lethal in the wrong hands

Trust is lethal in the wrong hands
Evalagne Tayaotao

Trust is lethal
in the wrong hands.

Ragul Sp

Betrayal lies
where there is trust.

Mary Land

Free yourself
before you can free another.

Ginger Knippers

Save yourself first.
Sometimes the people
you are trying to save
are killing you.

Debra Pry

Not everyone has a good heart.
Be careful who you put
your trust in.

Rinku Shah

Pay close attention,
To the intention,
Of people you trust.

Rachel Leahanna Amburgey

I was busy loving you
Reaching out to be your friend
Though I was on the noose too
You let your jealousy win
I was busy loving you
Loving through my pain
Suffering the same as you
Yet you used me for your gain

Karthik Parthasarathy

The world is a good place
so it seems
Is that the case
at all the times?
As we try to help another one
by going all in
Let’s make sure we have done
Enough to not go on a spin.
The world is still a good place
But are the humans that way?

Carol Quimpan

Both of us are fools.
Betraying each other, you think it’s cool?
What have we become?
This foolishness made us both a victim.

Sulekha Pande

Happily oblivious,
I was to your intentions,
I was releasing your noose,
while you were busy,
kicking my bucket

Anjana Surendran

An act of betrayal
is all it takes
to freeze the affection
in your heart.

Sarrvesh Waran

Don’t make it harder
than it already is.

Sunandha ThamaraiSelvan

Two nooses,
two idiots.

Chinchi Bose

The rampant act of betrayal
makes trust a rarity.

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