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True self-esteem can be achieved only from the inside, it’s the realization that you were put on this earth for a greater purpose and you do deserve to be alive.
We are all born unique and it’s our responsibility to enrich the earth with our uniqueness. We are not supposed to against the law of nature by trying to be who we are not and trying to look more and more like each other. The materials we own can never define who we are so it’s waste of time trying to find self-esteem in owning the materials.
What impression do the celebrity transformations leave on the minds of youths and the gullible public? It shows how being oneself is not acceptable and good enough for this society and you should be transforming yourself into something more acceptable to the societal norms. Uniqueness and weirdness are discarded but living as per the new standards set by the role models on TV is readily acceptable.
Watch carefully and you can see how they feed you with brands, symbols, clothes, bands and guess what you choose it, you pay for it and also give them your full attention.
A lot of people desire the clothes the plastic dummies wear without realizing that these dummies got them for free and even those who pay for it are so rich that it doesn’t even matter. Ever wondered why the companies pay such huge amounts for ads?
Are you scared of what people might say? But first, why do you let people decide how your life looks anyway, only person you need conformation from is yourself.
It’s easy to complain, it’s easy to see that the world isn’t perfect. It’s on us to educate others to make them see it too. Share the knowledge, everyone knows something you don’t.
It is equally important to put that knowledge into practice so that we can turn the things around and bring out the change. By complaining we only enhance the aspects we are complaining about. It’s easy to complain, it is difficult to come up with ideas for change, they require creativity, they require critical thinking and imagination.
The greater difficulty is in applying those changes, we can keep whining about the things that bother us but nothing is going to change unless any initiative is initiated.
We just need to start with no delay, just look around, look for things you can do right now, things you always wished you did, a small dream like telling your crush you love him/her, go ahead and start the business you have been thinking of, reach out to that person you saw struggling. Don’t even think of postponing it with a promise to start tomorrow or next week or next month because we both know that will never come.
“I wish I did all things I wanted to do but never mustered enough courage”- regret at death bed by maximum people, do you really want to join that arsenal?
You are alive and there’s no reason you shouldn’t try, just go ahead, all it needs is your focus, determination. Channel all your energy for it as this is what you have wanted all your life. Contribute your energy for the creation of the new and the old you were complaining about shall be destroyed itself.

Thank you for reading.
Lots of love

Shamsir Alam

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2 thoughts on “True self-esteem can be achieved only from the inside – MIND TALK”

  1. I think so Terry D. Pickron. The deepest knowing of ourselves comes in solitude and silence. And sincerity. That' s why so many people never get to achieve that because they are always in the middle of the voragine and aren' t able to be alone. It is my way of thinking. And Thank you The Minds Journal, these words come to me in some sensitive days i' m through ♡

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