The True Meaning Of Karma: Understanding Karma, Karmaphala and The 12 Laws

True Meaning Of Karma

Katherine explains “If you notice that you seem to be stuck in a loop, this is because there’s something fundamental that has not yet been addressed. Meanwhile, if things around you begin to change in sudden and dramatic ways, take this as a sign that you have recently taken significant steps in your growth.”

11. The law of patience and reward

If you wish to be rewarded, then you must be willing to work extremely hard and have patience. You cannot just wish for something and not put in the work necessary to accomplish it. It is only through incessant toil, persistence and patience that we can claim our rewards. Moreover, your focus should be on the work that you do instead of the reward. The process is more important than the outcome. You will be rewarded when the time is right.

If you expect immediate results, you will ultimately be disappointed; your successes will be minor in comparison to what you’re capable of achieving,” adds Katherine.

12. The law of significance and inspiration

The law of significance and inspiration is perhaps the most inspiring law that helps you understand the true meaning of Karma. The law states that the worth and significance of something is directly determined by the intentions and energy invested in it. Your dedication, passion and love forms the intention behind something that results in a lasting impression and contribution to “the Whole.”

Katherine writes “This particular aspect of karma stresses that every contribution you make will influence the Whole, however small or great that contribution may be. Whenever you make creative, loving contributions to the world around you, your act inspires similarly positive behavior from others and attracts more positivity back into your life.

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Understanding the meaning of karma

The essence of karma is our actions, thoughts and words. Karma includes our actions conducted in the past, present and the future. Karmaphala or reward and punishment is the outcome of our deeds or karma. Author Lachlan Brown explains “Karma shows that we have the freedom to decide what happens to us. It’s our intentional actions and thoughts that govern our lives.

Karma is not fate, rather it is closely tied to the cycle of cause and effect. As we are responsible for our karma, we are responsible for its consequences as well. Joseph Goldstein concludes “Understanding the law of karma is known as the light of the world because through this understanding we can take responsibility for our destinies and be more truly guided to greater fulfillment in our lives.

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True Meaning Of Karma

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  1. Astrologer Ashish

    My believe is very different. Every person have its own circle with different diameters he can’t perform any action beyond this circle. One have larger diameter another has smaller. If 2 persons have same diameter of circle they definately attract or eepulse each other.

  2. This article describes what my idea of karma has always been. However, it’s also what I’ve always understood by the word “fate”. To me the two words are synonymous, and I don’t see any place for superstitions about this.

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