True loyalty is not sticking by someone


True loyalty is not sticking by someone after they continue to hurt you. the most loyal thing you could ever do is walk away from the constant betrayal of being with the wrong person. be loyal to your damn self!

How can you be loyal to someone, when you aren’t loyal to the Self ?

45 thoughts on “True loyalty is not sticking by someone”

  1. I'm only as loyal as you are to me..
    Loyalty is built by time with trust honesty..
    It's hard to find loyalty in a world that is so untrue..
    But always be true to self..

    1. I feel as though I should expand on this in order to explain its full meaning.

      Be loyal to yourself. If someone continuously hurts you, breaks your trust, and isn't truly committed to a relationship with you, don't allow them in your life anymore. Look out for your mental and emotional well being. Not to mention your physical well being.
      Who knows where they've been?
      Might want to get a few tests done after you break it off with them.

      When I'm in a relationship with someone, I don't want to have to worry about that.

      Once you become loyal to yourself, you will be listening to yourself and bringing people in your life who aren't going to break your trust, who are honest and truly loyal. That is what you deserve.

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