8 Tricks Narcissists Play To Manipulate Their Victims

Tricks Narcissists Play To Manipulate Their Victims


7. Deviating from the topic.

Another one of the tricks that narcissists play for manipulating their victims, is they quickly change the topic or deviate from it when it becomes too uncomfortable for them. The moment they realize that are being called out for their problematic and insensitive behavior, they will deviate from it by trying to put the spotlight on their victims. For example, if you question your narcissistic parent for their insensitivity, they will bring up a mistake you made 5 years back, and then go on and on about how they never gave you a hard time about it.

Instead of trying to change their bad behavior, they will use all your mistakes against you to win the vicious game they play. Even if your mistakes are minor compared to theirs, they will exaggerate it to a large extent and make you feel horrible about yourself.


8. They resort to abuses and name-calling. 

When a narcissist realizes that they are trapped and there is no way they will be able to save their skin, they resort to abusing their victims. In a narcissist’s universe, anyone who defies them in any way causes a narcissistic injury which then leads to narcissistic rage. This narcissistic rage is caused by their flawed sense of superiority and an enormous sense of entitlement. 

When they are unable to manipulate or brainwash you, narcissists take to using abusive language against you. They know extremely well that name-calling is probably the best way to humiliate you, degrade you, and hurt you. They will attack your intelligence, your physical appearance, how you live your life, and also how you are nothing without them. 

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Narcissists’ inability to understand and admit that they are wrong and toxic is what makes them pull all these remorseless tricks. In their own eyes, they are literally perfect, and if anyone criticizes them, then the other person becomes the toxic one. Dealing with people like this is mentally, emotionally, and psychologically draining. So, the moment you feel like you have someone like this in your life, cut ties, walk away, and never look back.


If you want to know more about the tricks narcissists play for deceiving their victims, then check out this video below:

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