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What Is Treatment Resistant Depression: 7 Ways To Help Cope

what is treatment resistant depression

4. Try mindfulness exercises and techniques

Mindfulness is an ancient tradition like yoga. It trains you to remain focused on the present moment; instead of ruminating about the past, anticipating future events, and, thereby keeping emotional angst enlivened.

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5. Get regular massages

Massage therapy helps to release serotonin and dopamine while reducing cortisol levels. This improves mood and reduces depression and anxiety symptoms.

6. Participate in your favorite hobbies

Participating in hobbies or interests that inspire you or excite your passions raises your mood, while also boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.

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7. Listen to — and make — music

Music for treatment resistant depression

Music is an imperative tool to use. It feeds the right side of the brain, which is where our emotions live. It can also offset the negative impact of too much screen time on this part of the brain.

Using music regularly activates your brain in positive ways, both when you listen, and even more so, when you make it. You don’t need to riff like Brittany Howard or sing with perfect pitch. Pick pieces that you happily, passionately enjoy.

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Ready to do some work and take the next step in relieving the symptoms of treatment resistant depression?

Hopefully, you’ve just reviewed your checklist here and have an idea of where to start. Reach out for help. Remember, depression and anxiety has no familial or geographical boundaries. Wherever you are, we can talk.

What’s your view on depression? Share with us by commenting below!

Written By Christy Whitman
Originally Appeared On Your Tango
What It Means To Have Treatment Resistant Depression?
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What Is Treatment Resistant Depression: 7 Ways To Help Cope
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