4 Ways Traveling Can Help Heal the Lonesome Feeling In You

4 Ways Traveling Can Help Heal the Lonesome Feeling In You

Do you sometimes feel sad and alone? Because of problems, worries, anxieties, people’s opinions and other things that trouble you?

There are times when you might feel like you have no one to talk to and nowhere to go to. Your thoughts of being alone bother you so much that you become gloomy and unproductive. Sometimes, you get sad without a clear reason but many things give you a heavy heart, and you think there’s no one you can count on and nothing you can do.

When such times come to you, keep in mind that you need to breathe and to take a pause from things that stress you out and make you feel down. Really, you need that. There’s a need for unwinding, loosening up and caring not about thoughts that worry you. To do that, some people eat a lot, sleep a lot and/or spend a lot of time shopping, playing games and watching movies to distract them from their lonesome feeling.

Many ways are there to make you forget the sadness you have for whatever reason and to eventually make you happy again. One of the most special of them is TRAVELING. That’s right, going to far places locally and even abroad is! You might think that it could be a bit costly, but surely, it can result wonderfully in relieving any sadness within you.

Below are 4 ways traveling can make you happy when you’re lonely:


There are times when the comfort zone becomes a sad place to be in for there is little or no progress that happens. It’s because it doesn’t let you explore and discover more beyond its boundaries. The opportunities and the people you’re supposed to learn from remain outside the area you love being in.

When you travel, you go out of your house bringing only the necessary things. You leave your comfort zone, and let yourself experience fresh things and meet fresh faces. It’s true that no man is an island, and a part of the beauty if traveling is that it lets you encounter new people.

Even inside the airplane, in the hotel, in the ship, in the bus, in a restaurant, while falling in line, you can unexpectedly meet kind souls. You can even meet new great friends, even those you can keep for a lifetime.

People you meet and become good friends with, they can make you feel more appreciated and happy. You can learn a lot from them about the places especially if they’re locals. The time you get to spend with people who are “strangers” can become a meaningful part of your travel and of your life.


The thought of doing things alone might be sad for you, but realize that it’s not. If you travel alone, ride the plane with people you don’t know, stay in the hotel alone, find your destinations alone, eventually, you’ll forget the sad feeling of feeling alone and see that there is actually something good in it.

You will see that there are also many travelers and other people who are with no one else but themselves. It’s nothing bad. Spending time with yourself is a precious way of loving yourself. And if you’re just wrongly thinking that you’re alone, you might even get your real self back and remember that there are people who has your back!


As mentioned earlier, sometimes, you just get sad without a big or clear reason. Sometimes, you are just very distressed and bothered. You need to travel and regain your peace of mind. Things and people that bother you can take away the peace you’re keeping within you. Travel can also help you heal.

Seeing the beauty of what’s outside your gloominess can put a peace that mends what’s broken within you and that bandages what’s hurting. Peace of mind is important and enough to remind you of the happiness you’ve somehow forgotten about. Travel, rest and relax.


The sadness you are feeling might be because of the feeling of being boxed inside the walls of your house or because of the thought that you are not going anywhere in life. That feeling can even worsen when you hide yourself inside your dim lit room and under your cold blankets while overthinking of things that scare you. What the eyes see affect the heart and the mind. Travel and change what you let your eyes witness.

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