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Why Travel? – Mind Talk

“Nothing in this world is a gift. Whatever must be learned must be learned the hard way.”
-Carlos Castaneda

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You move with the flow and even though most of the time we’ve got no clue what it is we’re really looking for, we’re looking, and so we shall find.

We find honest and beautiful people, we learn of their world views, how they see things, what makes them smile, laugh and angry. We’re presented with experiences that baffle and humble us. It’s…life.

Traveling has become much more accessible worldwide and each new generation is already living much more on a global scale, internet has it’s hand in it all. Things have changed from our parents’ generation and we are moving along the current. Some travel to collect stamps, some to re-learn and other’s to find new opportunities towards a better life.

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And meaning no offence to all the information found online (there is a useful amount of it), but screw trip advisor and the crew. How much better does it feel to find a beautiful spot, having learned of it by word of mouth? The effort and persistence you’ve had to put in to get there will leave you feeling much happier than just googling a picture and location. Simply to get there, take the same exact picture, from the same exact spot, then to tag it on facebook. Makes you think of a dog peeing on something. Don’t do it. Don’t travel to just show people where you’ve been and how ”happy” you are besides a hotel pool or petting a completely drugged up tiger. That’s check-listing experiences in hopes that it will bring you joy. It won’t. Do it for yourself and screw the rest. Share some, but don’t throw it in everyone’s faces.There have been too many experiences that have been borderline pure magic, that google and money would never have delivered, for it is the spontaneous that brings us life. We are ourselves, so don’t try and control it, let go or just be dragged along.

Life’s a goddamn trip, so pack your bags and move!

To sum it all up, traveling is beautiful and necessary. Either as a vacational get-away, or lifestyle. The lessons keep coming, the heart keeps beating stronger and you see how much love is all around us. It’s breath-taking. Have the courage to follow what you believe to be right for you. It doesn’t have to traveling if you don’t feel it is!

As for me it has helped immensely, much more than staying on spot, and I hope this has helped you in some way. Do not fear the unknown, you just haven’t met it yet.

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Written by Mikelis Dobrajs
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