Travails of keeping everything only unto yourselves in your memory

 February 25, 2019

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Alex Salkeld, a close friend of Cotten, has also admitted that he should have had a contingency plan in place.

There are many of them who are suspicious of Quadriga’s story and who doubt the claims that Cotten alone must have had the key to the reserves valued in tens of millions of dollars or even whether Cotten may not have faked his death to subvert their funds.

The tragedy is, even if Cotten gets reborn – no one knows whether he would be able to recall the passwords or the encryption key on his rebirth and even if he could – whether he may take the trouble of informing the courts that he could tell them what passwords and the encryption key, he should have used for each one of them. 

This gets us to the earthly truth that we should judge what we should hold only unto ourselves, what we should dispense away by telling others and what we should keep a back up of – to ward off a situation that may flounder everyone like this.

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