Trauma Trigger People And The Empath



Dealing with Trauma Triggers

You can avoid trauma-trigger-people but you cannot always stop them from connecting with you. The best way to deal with them is by continuing to practice your chosen methods of protection, stay grounded and in alignment within the mind, body, and spirit.

If you suffer the effects of trauma triggers, or psychic attack, regularly you will likely be out-of-balance or have a leaky aura.


I will be putting a post out soon with more information on the subject, but my book 7 Secrets of the Sensitive discusses the best ways for the Empath to find balance, build a strong energy field and harness their incredible hidden power.

Alternatively, there are many posts on this blog to help with the transformation. You may want to start with this one or this one.

Hope this helps on your Empath journey.

Until next time…


©Diane Kathrine

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Written by Diane Kathrine

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Trauma Trigger People And The Empath Trauma Trigger People And The Empath

Diane lives in Manchester, UK. She spent the past twenty years researching everything from human anatomy to the law of attraction. She is a qualified colour and crystal therapist, massage therapist, reflexologist, aromatherapist, healing practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, and has done in-depth research into diet and nutrition and how it affects Sensitive people. In 2011 Diane wrote ‘30 Traits of an Empath’. The article has been read and shared millions of times and was just the start of her journey to assist and help re-balance the Empaths of the world.