Transcend this dark abyss you’re made for more than this

Transcend this dark abyss You’re made for more than this
Johnny Lee Sears Jr

Transcend this dark abyss
You’re made for more than this
Leave behind your broken skin
Enlightenment is when life will begin

Choppy Man

” the only escape”

Anjana Surendran

That burning, yearning
and longing soul
wanting badly to shed
those outfits of social notions
cast on him.

Rinku Shah

Every now and again,
You feel a dull pain.
Around your heart,
Playing its part.
A gentle humming in your soul,
Always on a roll.
A longing without a name,
We all feel the same.
The soul wants to flee,
Tear itself free.
You’ll survive this…
SOUL LOSS it is!

Dee Agnew McCartney

Your soul knows not
how to confine itself
to the drudgery of this world.
Break free, release yourself

Esther Jeans

As we walk through this life
trying to be someone we are not
Forgetting who we once were
to become something
that society accepts
Trudging through day after day
as our soul weeps
Masking our true purpose
has left me cold and empty
Dreaming of a day when it all ends
and I am free of this false image
Finding the light within
so I can breathe life into
my being once more.

Sunny Marie

Dying, before your dead.
Don’t do it!
Embrace life,
in all its confusion,
beauty, and ups
and downs.

Denise Phelan

The moment the soul alights
the broken body,
the earthly journey is over.

Priti Saini

Soul calling for its freedom
from the shacks of darkness!

Barbara Bauer

I escaped and saw the light.
My soul has been saved
I will survive!

Nuzhat Muhammad

Spiritual self-leaves our soul
as we rush in this world
to make a living?

Darshil Jalan

You follow the dark
but your soul always
follows the light

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