18 Traits Of A Lightworker

16. Emotional ups & downs

Your mood is changing constantly. When you feel good, you feel very close to God and everything in your life seems to flow effortlessly.

But all of a sudden your mood can change and you feel down.

When you feel bad, you cut yourself off the universal flow of energy and as a result, things in your life begin to stagnate.

Your thoughts follow your emotions and often you can be caught up in negative thinking patterns for days or even longer.


17. Strange dreams

Some people don’t remember their dreams, but this isn’t true for you. The next sign of a lightworker is that you have dreams that others would consider strange.

Perhaps you can manipulate your dreams and experience lucid dreaming. Or you travel to the astral plane or across the universe during the night.

You may also see the future or the past or things from other people’s lives that they had never shared with you.

In the dream state, you may also go to a spiritual school during the night where you’re initiated and trained on how to use your psychic abilities.


18. Who am I? Why am I here?

“Who am I? Why am I here?” are the two questions that have always echoed in your head.

Ever since you remember, you’ve been contemplating the meaning of life and your purpose.

As a lightworker, you’ve always felt that there is a greater mission for you and you wished to remember it.

You’ve also felt that once you do remember who you are and your purpose then everything falls into the place.

Are you seeking a breakthrough in your life and spiritual practice?


I’ve been guiding lightworkers for years professionally and for decades without realizing that I was showing them the way.

For years, I waited for this moment when I invite you to receive the “Gold Light Healing” and “Crystal Light Healing” that will both help you to clear out decades of emotional and mental blockages that stand in the way to your inner light. And open up to your true potential.

This is the experience that I wish I had received in the first couple of years upon my spiritual awakening. It’ll save you time and help you to shed light on a deeply hidden dynamics that most lightworkers get caught up in and it takes them years to realize those patterns.

Are you willing to receive the support of the universe through our transformative experience together?

Lightworker Healing

First, heal yourself. Then show the way to others.


Written by Sylvia Salow

Originally appeared in Sylviasalow.com

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18 Traits Of A Lightworker

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SYLVIA SALOW is a life coach, public speaker, and author. During the last 5 years, she has been working with people who are going through a life transformation which brings them on the path of their higher potential and life purpose. She also helps people to heal and understand their limiting beliefs, fears, and emotional pain. Salow also encourages others to find their true self and to express it in their unique way and connect with their inner guidance because she genuinely believes in embodied wisdom.
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  1. 😀 the classic is trying to help addicted friends, and it actually works for a while, but then you end up taking drugs with them and fail. Good thing is you can always bounce back. Bad thing is they can’t and you end up being a hypocrite -.-

  2. 15. You know how to move through the darkness–My counselor, after learning what I’ve been through said ‘ you are so strong. i have known women who suffered less but they fell apart but you, you are still sane. How?’