18 Traits Of A Lightworker

and what It means to be one

 May 02, 2019

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18 Traits Of A Lightworker

9. A “lightworker” is an encoded word

The word lightworker itself is made of the Language of Light so it helps you remember who you’re.

If you feel attracted to this word for whatever reason then that is another sign you’re a lightworker.

Some words are created in a special way so that they invoke deep remembrance within us. The right people feel like something new is opening up within them when they see this word.


10. Deep calling to help others

Another trait you’re a lightworker is that you’ve always felt the urge to help others.

Often it feels stronger than you, and you can’t help it.

You’ve desired to help others every since you remember.

Whenever you see someone unhappy or having difficult times, you naturally want to do something to uplift them.


11. Belief in a higher power

No matter how dark moments you’ve been, you’ve always felt connected to a higher power of your belief.

It may or may not be God, the universe, or the Light.

As a lightworker, you believe in something greater than you. Sometimes you feel the higher power to move through you and your life.

Even though your prayers may not have always been answered, you’ve always known that the universe was created for something greater than just us living here one life and then die.

You’ve never questioned that there is something beyond our comprehension and you feel to be a part of it.


12. You’ve had a challenging childhood

Lightworkers often feel lonely and misunderstood because they experienced a tough childhood.

You may have experienced mental, emotional or physical abuse.

Your parents may have had financial difficulties that reflected on you.

Your classmates never understood you, and often you wondered if you can make it in this (hostile) world.

Lightworkers experience difficult childhood so that they understand the darkness and find a way out of it.


13. You attract people with problems

Another common trait of a lightworker is that they attract people with problems.

When you have a closer look at your friends, the chances are that they have many challenges and they complain a lot.

You also attract energy vampires, narcissists and people who don’t give you much in return.

Sometimes it feels like you’re caught up in a vicious circle because those people seem to find you wherever you go.


 14. A deep spiritual shift

Although you’ve always been interested in spirituality at some point, you’ve experienced a deep spiritual shift.

Possibly your spiritual awakening was very strong and your life has consequently fallen apart.

If you’re now going through this phase, you wonder why it feels so intense and why you sometimes feel like you can’t handle it.

Even though it may seem at your limits of what you can withstand, trust that there is a greater power re-aligning the energy in your life with your highest potential.

You can read about the transformation journey here.


15. You know how to move through the darkness

Another essential trait of a lightworker is that they can move through the darkness.

The darkness may show up in your life as depression, anxiety, self-doubts, or external unfavorable circumstances.

No matter how deep into the darkness you go, you eventually find your way back to light.

Sometimes it takes a longer time for you. Especially when you struggle with topics that are near to your heart.

Everyone has one or more special areas that are most difficult to heal and which holds us in the darkness longest.

However, with the rest of the problems, you’re able to find your way out of it. You feel guided to read certain spiritual books or reach out for help to a healer or coach.

2 comments on “18 Traits Of A Lightworker

  1. 😀 the classic is trying to help addicted friends, and it actually works for a while, but then you end up taking drugs with them and fail. Good thing is you can always bounce back. Bad thing is they can’t and you end up being a hypocrite -.-

  2. 15. You know how to move through the darkness–My counselor, after learning what I’ve been through said ‘ you are so strong. i have known women who suffered less but they fell apart but you, you are still sane. How?’

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