18 Traits Of A Lightworker

and what It means to be one

 May 02, 2019

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18 Traits Of A Lightworker

3. You feel like an alien who just landed on planet Earth

I haven’t met a lightworker who wouldn’t have told me that they feel like they don’t belong here.

Often their families haven’t accepted them fully, and neither had they have many true friends while growing up.

The way how our society works make lightworkers feel saddened or depressed.

The world saddens lightworkers because we’re here to change the old structures and create a new world which is based on more freedom and love.

For a lightworker, it’s difficult to fit in, and this feeling prevails in their adult years too.

Some of the lightworkers are wrongly judged as unsocial or weird.

When all they need is to understand that their strength comes from their connection with their soul and heart.

And for that, they need to spend a lot of time alone when they align with their higher self and download information (and instructions for the next steps).


4. You want to save the world

Every lightworker feels like they’ve come here to save the world.

Deep inside, they’re sick of the ways the world works, and they hate seeing people to suffer, and they want to change that.

As a lightworker, you want to save your family, friends, and then ultimately the whole planet. Sounds like a too big task?

Well, it’s.

Part of that feeling comes from the ego (but that would be another topic).

And the other part comes from the recognition of the fact that as a numerous family of lightworkers when we turn our lights on, we can indeed change the world for the better.

5. You have a lot of “dark stuff” going on

The primary task of a lightworker is to transmute dark into the light. In order to do so, you’ve experienced a lot of darkness in your life.

You’ve been through challenging situations, and sometimes you’ve hit bottom emotionally or spiritually.

Although lightworkers, just as anyone else, dream about having a loving family and an easy life.

Most of them haven’t had that luxury for the simple reason: they’ve been trained since their very first days to recognize all kinds of darkness and understand how to transmute it to the light.

It’s not uncommon that some of the lightworkers also came here to resolve their family karma and thus liberate whole generations from unhealthy family patterns.

Again, this is not something you should bother about. Just focus on healing yourself first. And that alone should be enough to help your family members too.

Maybe they’re not ready to receive your light at the moment, but you create that opportunity for them once they can receive the light.


6. You’re a powerful manifestor

When you look back at your life, you may notice that you’ve manifested what you’ve wanted. At least to a certain degree.

And often, without you creating extra effort or following some Law of Attraction guidelines.

This is because you have high levels of energy that finds its way into a material manifestation fast.

Yet there is a little warning coming with that. You’re more powerful than you give yourself credit for.

Thus you need to be extra cautious and responsible for the ways you direct your energy.

Unconsciously you can create distress (to yourself or others) if your energy isn’t aligned.


7. You’re an empath

Not every empath is a lightworker. But I dare to say that every lightworker is an empath.

An empath is a person who can feel the suffering but also joy and anything in between from other people. Before empaths become aware of this trait, they can assume (logically) that what they feel is theirs.

When in fact, they’ve only picked up the energy of someone else.


8. You’re interested in ancient history and philosophy

In a way, lightworkers are here to restore the ancient knowledge and add more wisdom that we’ve gained over the centuries of being surrounded by a lot of darkness.

As a lightworker, you feel naturally drawn to ancient texts as if you’d be searching for some important answers that can change the directions of your life.

You feel connected to ancient times and receive a lot of strength from it.

Just keep in mind that the moment this turns into obsession, you’re more drifting in your life which doesn’t serve anyone.

You need to learn to stay balanced, grounded, and in a present moment.

Keep in mind that whatever you’re experiencing you’re not alone.

There are many lightworkers out there and the more you turn your light on, the easier others find you.

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  1. 😀 the classic is trying to help addicted friends, and it actually works for a while, but then you end up taking drugs with them and fail. Good thing is you can always bounce back. Bad thing is they can’t and you end up being a hypocrite -.-

  2. 15. You know how to move through the darkness–My counselor, after learning what I’ve been through said ‘ you are so strong. i have known women who suffered less but they fell apart but you, you are still sane. How?’

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