5 Sure-shot Ways To Train Your Brain To stop Overeating

 December 31, 2017

This can be checked if we actually listen to our bodies and not leave this out for the favour of licking the plate clean. If you have a habit of not stopping until the plate is empty, one clever way is to use plates which are smaller in size.

This will promote optimum portion sizes and will force us to listen to our bodies. The same principle applies to packaged food like chips. If you cannot stop until you finish off a packet, buy smaller packets to limit eating and prevent overeating.


The second reason for our overeating is our inability to realize when we are full, that is, we are no longer hungry. Brain’s team set up a fake restaurant and stocked it with soup bowls that guests were told not to pick up.

The soup bowls were of two types, one was a normal soup bowl and the other was a trick soup bowl which made people believe that the bowl has not been finished.

Brain found out that those who had been given the trick bowls ate around seventy percent more than those who were given a regular soup bowl.

Upon asking, all of them had a similar response somewhere along the lines of them not being full because they had eaten only half the bowl and they could not possibly be full having eaten half a bowl of soup.


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5 Sure-shot Ways To Train Your Brain To stop Overeating

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