Toxic Coworkers: Dealing With 7 Most Dangerous Work Personalities

Toxic Co-Workers

#Tip 3

Whenever possible, empathize with the victim. However, do not fall into the trap of believing what they say. Create boundaries while making conversations, avoid them whenever possible and stand up for yourself when needed..

6. The One Who Is Paranoid

You know your paranoid coworker better than anyone else. They are often suspicious of the management and everyone else for that matter. They may show some signs of paranoid personality disorder, even if they don’t actually have it. They do not trust anyone in the office and can come up with the weirdest conspiracy theories about others and the company. Their behavior can have serious negative effects on your work and performance.

How To Deal With The Paranoid

#Tip 1

Be careful about what you tell them about yourself, others, your boss or the organisation. Understand that your harmless words can easily become the next conspiracy theory about getting them fired.

#Tip 2

Provide factual and rational explanations to them about why what they believe is not correct and why it will probably not happen.

#Tip 3

Do not believe their theories or notions as their negative perceptions can affect your own thoughts and behavior.

7. The One Who Is A Narcissist

The narcissist is perhaps the most dangerous work personalities to work with.

They are huge egomaniacs and are mostly work as managers or supervisors or even your boss. They often show the classic signs of narcissistic personality disorder. They lack empathy for their co-workers, require constant admiration, expect high praise even if it is undeserved and act like they are entitled to everything in the organisation. They are annoying, arrogant and disliked by most people in the office.

They view themselves as exceptional performers, even when they are not. They are undoubtedly toxic for your workplace as they have an inflated view of their own self which can be damaging to others and the company at large.

How To Deal With The Narcissist

#Tip 1

Although flattery is a great way to boost their ego and make peace with them, you can stick to some general praise and appreciation. This will make things easier for you, especially if they are high up in the hierarchy.

#Tip 2

If you must criticize their actions or confront their behavior, make sure you begin by offering positive feedback first and then gently shift towards criticism.

#Tip 3

Have realistic expectations from the narcissist. Make sure not to get into situations or positions where they can take credit for your work or criticize you.

The workplace can be a weird yet amazing place you will find yourself in.

It is filled with awe-inspiring individuals with unique skills, talents and personalities. Chances are you have already encountered one or more of these dangerous work personalities and now you know how you can deal with them. Simply start with effective communication and maintaining boundaries.

Once you can identify the personality of a co-worker, you will be able to better manage yourself, your work and your professional relationships while safeguarding your well-being and your career.

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Toxic Co Workers

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