Touch Me – With Your Presence

touch me

Touch me when I ask
touch me when I’m afraid to ask
touch me with your lips, your hands, your heart
touch me with your presence in the room.

44 thoughts on “Touch Me – With Your Presence”

  1. Thanks so it said so…. If you love someone let him free…. If he comes to you he always been yours… If he dont never belong to you…. (But manner of speaking cause a person is not an object nor a toy)

  2. “If in the darkness of ignorance, you don’t recognize a person’s true nature, look to see whom he has chosen for his leader.”
    Rumi <3
    Darkness is the secret(creation) of infinite existance of light (love) 🙂

  3. The shortest way of expressing I'm always with you, I care .. don't worry.. even without words but with reassurance.. is that Love?

  4. Upon reading this, made me smile…there is only one person that came into my mind…my best!
    who asks and gives hugs to me…touch and holds my hands and closes his eyes
    how sweet ey! it will be great if he speaks to me what's in his mind…sometimes actions are deceiving.
    affirmation of actions through words is needed sometimes to avoid confusion, speculations and doubt. what's your thoughts???

    1. @ tmj, sometimes the receiver of the actions receives & interpret the message differently as the giver of action wants to convey…it can cause confusion that's why sometimes confirmation & affirmation is needed. I suppose the giver of action doesn't want the receiver . to speculate or assume…that will be hard and might hurt the receiver at the end

    2. @ tmj, i'm speechless…never thought my comment will be reposted as a wise pick. and my name was even written. OMG!
      I was just speaking what's in my mind.

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