Top 7 Fears Holding Managers Back

fears holding managers back

But how often can you succeed against all odds? Without clear expectations, adequate resources, monitoring, and measuring of performance, the boss who tried so hard to avoid spending time managing you ends up spending lots of time managing you anyway. Only now, you are set up to fail, instead of being set up to succeed. That’s because small problems pile up or fester unattended until they become so big that they cannot be ignored.

At that point, the boss has no choice but to chase them down and solve them and then feel even more pressed for time. As a result, he goes right back to avoiding spending time managing you, and the next time he’ll make time for management is the next time there is another big problem to chase down and solve.

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Make your one-on-one time with every boss brief, straightforward, efficient, and all about the work.

Get The Basic Elements You Need To Succeed:

  • You need to know the requirements of every task, responsibility, or project before you can even think about being creative. Even if you are in a creative position, only when you know what is actually up to you, have you uncovered the small space in which you can be creative.
  • Make sure you get clear and realistic expectations every step of the way, the necessary resources to complete your tasks, fair and accurate and honest feedback, and appropriate recognition and rewards for your work.
  • Build authentic relationships with your boss by developing genuine rapport, talking about the work on a regular basis. That is what the two of you have in common.
  • Include regular problem-solving in your ongoing one-on-one dialogue with every single boss, then nine out of ten performance problems will be solved quickly and easily or will be avoided altogether.
  • Assure the boss that you very much welcome candid feedback in detail, both positive and corrective.
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Top 7 Fears Holding Managers Back

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Written by: Bruce Tulgan
Originally appeared on: Psychology Today
Republished with permission
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Top 7 Fears Holding Managers Back
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