Top 6 Nerdiest Zodiac Signs

 March 10, 2019

Top 6 Nerdiest Zodiac Signs


5. Aquarius

How an Aquarius comes off to you is really dependent on you. Aquarius is like those AI chatbots, they will study you, learn of what the correct responses are and then you will see the perfect friend or companion that you have ever met — and why not, this Aquarius has tailored itself so. In other words, if you are a nerd, then so is the Aquarius. If you are not, then even they are not.
It is quite a conundrum, honestly. However, deep down, Aquarius are intellectuals by virtue of being an air sign. They have the intellectual smarts and their all-centric approach helps them do wonders with it. Not everyone might get to see it, but we know their preference when they finally pick their partner and they are the smartest and the nerdiest — to give Aquarius good intellectual jousting as and when necessary.


6. Sagittarius

Sagittarius spends more than a good amount of time living inside their heads. Which is why most of the nerd populace is comprised of these guys. We all know a Sagittarius who takes their interest way too seriously. So much that they will be those people in that line, camping on the pavement, through the mustiest or the rainiest of nights, fighting the line-cutters and the mosquitoes alike, just so they could get their hands on those premiere passes or the early bird copies. If there is something their inner nerd wants, you know they will get it, no matter what it takes and no matter what the price.


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Top 6 Nerdiest Zodiac Signs

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