Top 5 Mental Health Apps That Will Make You Happier In Life

4. Headspace

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Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Headspace is perhaps the most popular app on this list. And with good reason. It is one of the best meditation, mindfulness and mental health apps that you can use. Headspace not only aims to boost happiness but also reduce stress and anxiety in users. Available on Android and Apple iOS, this free app guides you through different meditation practices. You can choose from the free basic meditations pack to specifically designed guided meditation for happiness, stress, negative thoughts, sleep, conscious eating, work,open-heart living and various other facets of life. Headspace also allows you track your progress and get rewards.

With their brief 10-minute mindfulness meditation, this beautifully designed mindfulness app helps you learn and practice meditation in a scientific and methodical way. If you’ve never meditated before, then Headspace is a great place to get started. It also features an SOS mode that allows you to quickly get control over your thoughts and emotions, especially when you are angry, panicked or depressed. It’s a fun, clean, attractive and user-friendly app that will make you happy with it’s vibrant colors the moment you look at it.

5. Bliss 

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Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Using proven psychological exercises, Bliss helps you to develop a positive mindset and live a happier and successful life. The app offers you the tools to improve your overall well-being by following the principles of Positive Psychology. With regular use of the app and proper practice, Bliss enables you to rewire your brain. It includes a wide range of exercises that are approved by psychologists that encourage you to reflect on your thoughts and experiences. Available on Google Play Store and Chrome Web Store, the app helps you practice gratitude, self-development and create a positive outlook.

The app also promotes the practice of gratitude by including different gratitude exercises. It is a simple and user-friendly app with crisp, clear and professional content. The best way to make the most of Bliss and be happy is through daily use. The app also saves your logs for future reference and reflection.

Tap your way to happiness

Happiness apps can be a great way to feel better and happier in life but these are in no way an alternative to living a meaningful life surrounded by your loved ones and pursuing your passions. However, these apps can be the perfect replacement to wasting excessive time on social media that leave you feeling negative and alienated.

These science-backed apps are designed to decrease stress and enhance well-being. Through regular use of these apps, you can start practicing mindfulness, gratitude, meditations and other practices that will make you feel a lot more positive and happy than you are right now.

So go ahead and try out these happiness apps and see which one works for you the best.

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Top 5 Mental Health Apps That Will Make You Happier In Life

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