13 Reasons Why Leo Is The Best Zodiac Sign

Reasons Why Leo Is The Best Zodiac Sign

6. They take on responsibility and deliver as well.

As children, Leos were not always very confident and mature, but once they start growing up, they mature into responsible and amazing individuals, be it in their personal lives or professional. They love being in powerful positions, and so assume leadership voluntarily. Their zeal to be ahead of everybody else ensures their adherence to deadlines.

They are basically the ideal employee every firm dream of and looks to recruit. They also put their heart and soul into whatever project they undertake, because half-hearted results are not their cup of tea.

7. They make for great oracles.

Leos love talking, and even that is an understatement and absolutely no secret. But mostly, their words carry an immense amount of wisdom. You can always count on them for brilliant advice because they hardly give any bad solutions; they will never fail you. Sometimes, the words might be hard to register, but they are worthwhile all the same.

Leos have a tendency to be dramatic about their predictions, but if you can ignore that, then you will be left with a very clear message, which will point you in the right direction, and push you to do the right thing.

8. They are exceptionally romantic.

They are cheesy, full of drama, filmy, and everything that fairytales tell you about. From elaborate surprises to random bouquets of your favorite flowers, to midnight meetings, they will make you feel like you’re living in a Nicholas Sparks novel. They will make you feel like the center of the Universe and the owner of their heart.

However, they are not ashamed of their romantic prowess, and neither should they be. Such genuine flourish in love affairs is almost extinct in the present century. Let’s hold on to what we have, and make the most of such beautiful things.

leo is the best sign
13 Reasons Why Leo Is The Best Zodiac Sign

9. They are complete extroverts.

If you leave them in a room full of strangers, for 5 minutes, you will return to find them getting along like a house of fire with everyone. And not just that they will also be the life of the party! They are ridiculously social, almost to the extent of hilarity. They love adventures, seek fun, and just want to live their life to the fullest.

They are definitely the kind of people you want to invite to your gathering, in order to spice it up, and if you actually do, be rest assured that they will make everything more happening and exciting.

10. They are zealously competitive.

That is one nerve on a Leo that one just should not mess around with. If you trigger them once, then they will come at you with full force. It could be in work, education, and even love – no matter what it is, they have to be the absolute best at it. Taking risks never scare them, rather they live for risks and adventures.

This drives them to make the most out of all their experiences, and that’s why they work best when they are gearing up for anything competitive, and adrenaline-inducing.

11. They are extremely loyal.

If you’re in love with a Leo, then you are very lucky because they will never cheat on you. They might have a lot of friends, and might even hang out with a lot of men/women, or be around other men/women, but they will never do anything that harms the relationship that you share or break your trust in any way.

If you have a Leo friend, then you must know that they will go to the ends of the Earth to protect you. Should you ever be in trouble, or in any kind of need, they will be the first person to stand by you and help you get back on your feet.

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  1. I am a leo girl and just wanna say that your writings are all true in my real life .just perfect

    1. Carmon W Rainbolt

      I’m a Leo male. Never gave it a thought. As I posted after thought , this hit nail on head.

  2. Aug 18
    Imma leo. Full blood leo.. and all the above is sooo TRUE! WE ARE 100% THE BEST! ROAR!!!!!!

  3. Its true im a leo but my monster is like a ticking bomb once i spell a word it starts to destroy evrything around it so whenever i feel like he is opening his eyes i force it to close it back and especialy my eyes i dont get angry bcs my eyes crewp ppl out and believe it or not it can curse ppl that why i dont get angry and always laught it out cs if i dont nothing can go back the way they were even if u fix things

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