Took a Bow!

Took a Bow!

I had finished a very important business meeting in Chicago and had reached the airport to get back home.
One can use the moving walkways in the airport. Since my head was a lot lighter and I had enough time to catch the flight, I decided to take the moving walkway and let the conveyor carry me to the other side of the terminal.

Trust Me, the conveyor is pretty damn slow and I am usually a very fast walker because I think a lot when I walk.. a very bad habit I am trying to change.


Anyway, I wanted to live in the moment and I did. Everything felt so beautiful. Adding to the energy was the sound waves of an extremely soulful music that was filling up the airport. I lost myself. 

As the conveyor took me closer to the gate, I realized that the music was even more powerful and audible. I saw a man playing his violin in the airport for money and all the while I had been thinking it was some recorded music being played.Like all other folks, I too looked at him and went past him. I felt I was not doing the right thing. I took a few dollars and returned back and put some money on his tray. I could not leave.I wanted to tell him he played like a Maestro. 

I looked at his face for the first time. He had a calm composure, played like he was a part of Yanni’s group of musicians and he enjoyed every stroke of the bow that danced in his hands elegantly.

Oh! All of this with a smile like he was a millionaire and not really needing money.He looked at me and smiled and did a thank you nod for having put some money in his box.
I told him he played soulful music. He was so happy and he thanked me.

I walked away. He taught me so many things in those few minutes

1. Passion in what we do makes an impact
2. Capitalize on one’s talents even if it out of place. For his talent, He should have been playing for some greatest musicians, Trust me. Life treats you with double standards at times!
3. Enjoy what you do
4. Whatever be the situations, focus on your strengths
5. Even if it is to beg, do it with grace. Even if it to fail, fail gracefully
6. Lastly, smile like you have the world looking at you like a VIP no matter how bad a day or life you lead

Some people don’t even talk to you yet they teach you life lessons.

One small passionate and soulful act does trigger the right vibrations. Each of us has it in us to make those subtle changes to the skewed energies around us and bring a balance. 
All it took for me was a ‘pauper’ in the role but a king in action. I took a bow to his bow that spoke words of wisdom through music


-Lavanya Raghuraman

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