Tonight you and I with no lies, please…(Me to Myself)

Tonight you and I with no lies, please…(Me to Myself)

It is 2:46 am and I am getting the feeling of talking to myself with no lies. So, whenever I get asked by anyone that ‘why I write so much about love’? I reply to them by saying that you can easily tell about the things when you know about them thoroughly and when it comes to love, I can doubtlessly say that irony is I am well versed of this love thing at this exceptionally young age. Love is the pluckiest thing to do in this entire world. Well, every escapade in love is completely different. Every love story is different and special because they have love in them. The love can take you to the highs of it and lows of it without even making you realize.

The journey of love has the power to leave you breathless and also helps you to escape the reality because love is the only essence of life. But most of the times, most of us spend searching for the way to fix love. For those who search for the way to fix it, I would like to answer them in a truthful way though. Like life, love is unpredictable too and control is nothing but just an illusion. You can’t control love like you can’t control life and whenever you’ll try to control it you’ve to recompense for it. Yeah, try to fix it but never try to control it. Most of the people say that there’s nothing like true love exist, well it does…maybe it doesn’t exist for you because you’ve crumbled it and made it as an immortal memory…but just keep your eyes open and moreover eyes, you need to keep your heart open because love sees the beauty from the eyes of heart.

Without love, life is like a book without pages,

Without love, life is like a pen without ink,

Without love, life is like a tree without flowers,

Without love, life is like a rose without a thorn,

Without love, life is like a photo without a frame,

Without love, life is like a perfume without fragrance,

Without love, life is like you without me…       

Being the essence of life, love carries a special type of warmth, the warmth that can only be felt when you are in love. It touches your soul and steals it. It feels your skin and steals your body. It feels your breath and makes it its own. The love wants what it wants, that is it. All its flaws, giggles, mistakes, smiles, jokes, everything. Love is nothing but just an ocean and you have to drown in it. Most of the people make mistakes in love between what is said and not meant and what is meant and not said, that is how they lose their love. And at some juncture of life you’ll meet a point where you have to feed yourself a self-love, even hesitantly but I will say do it because it is a requisite thing to do. Sometimes people say that loving someone wholeheartedly only gives you bruises, the bruise with no ointment for it and sometimes, you think not to hurt your love and that is why you don’t hold it tight but then, unfortunately, it slips away and this is how it breaks you apart. Well, time heals everything even bruises but I am still not sure about love…Are you?

Feelings are considered as an emotional state, for the mind, for the soul and for almost everything and furthermore, the love is meant to be felt. So, feel it; feel it and feel it for forever…

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