Together We Will Face Everything

Together We Will Face Everything
Drishti Nagdeo

Together we will face everything,
The bloom and the gloom,
Bound with a tether,
Every road,
we will cross together.

Anindya J Ganguly

We feign to elope
to a world of fairies & dreams
But fund our feet
shackled to marital schemes.
The roses & lilies fade out
in Spring’s shallow hymns
‘O my darling, Good Lord!’
Life ain’t spoons of honey
on ice creams.

Hrisha Paul

It’s not the glitter of diamond ring,
but the fragrance of rose
you gave me made me all yours.
And here see we are happily locked
in the walk of life.

Rinku Shah

The bond
shouldn’t be the ring,
It’s only a thing.
It’s the commitment to share,
Feelings you bare
Grow together,
Always loving each other!

Shan Basabas

FOREVER is our destination,
If we walk through
life’s path TOGETHER

Sulekha Pande

Bound by love,
tied by vows.

Karen MacLeod

Love your life not only as a wife.
With this ring does not mean cling.

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