To Win Against Anxiety

To Win Against Anxiety

I stood awkwardly there at that moment,

The option, I thought was wrongly chosen

Sweaty palms and rosy face,

Shaky hands and things going on apace.

Tremulous lips and racing heart,

When all it began from the start.

All I felt was an impalpable crowd,

My voice resisted being heard aloud.

A moment scarier than a nightly ghost,

The time which seemed difficult to pass almost.

Then I closed my eyes and took a deep breath,

I felt like something I have awakened from death.

Subconsciously, I tried wearing a smile,

A smile that lit a thousand other smiles.

And as I went on with the performance,

All those eyes rolled on me with romance.

My nerves started to play under my control,

Somewhere I knew it was okay as a whole.

And soon when the music came to an end,

The judges wore the smile I gave it to them.

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