To That One Person Who Made Me Love Again

To That One Person Who Made Me Love Again

And you are right. And you get it.

Maybe all you needed was a heart break to learn that love is not always easy. To understand that some people will like you, but some others will truly love you just for who you are. To understand that you needed to love yourself first in order to be ready to give all that love you have been keeping, give it to someone else.  To forget someone before you could move on and know that special person. That person who will take out your fears. Who will you fall in love with everything. Their angry mood, the way they scold at you, the way they smile at you. The way how they concern about you, how they want just the very best for you. How they eat, how they sleep, how they twist their hair when they feel anxious. How they walk, how they talk, how they even sing, even if they are the worst singer in the world. How they talk about the things they love or hate, the things that make them happy or sad, the things that excite them or put them down. You will listen every detail, every word with empathy and comprehension. You will learn to listen and to talk when it’s the time. You will just realize how their flaws and qualities match perfectly with themselves. You will learn more about love with them. You will do things you were afraid to do before, do them now so easily. You will learn to like the things they want.

You will learn them. And all those things will fulfill you. Will make you happy. And all that it’s just love. All those little things, those tiny moments. You will end up knowing what true love is about. Because somehow, that person helped you love again. To trust again, not only in yourself, but to trust people and specially, to trust love. To fly without the fear of falling down, because deep inside yourself you know that if you fall, they will be right down to catch you every time.

And you will learn that love doesn’t damage, it only heals you. It sets you free from any boundary from the past and most of all, it will teach you how it is necessary to keep alive its flame inside your heart.

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