In Order To Save Myself

In Order To Save Myself

In order to save myself,
I must destroy first
the me,
I was told to be.

-Shubham Chavan

15 thoughts on “In Order To Save Myself”

  1. Avatar of Connie Celeste

    that’s why i deleted all the negative people in my life who were always tryin’ to change me or get to live their lifestyle! Leave me alone i say! I’m very happy with my life & all the positiveness & positive people i now have loving me!

  2. Avatar of Jennifer Sebits

    I’ve never been anything that people have tried to make me into and I’m hated for it. That’s okay. I like who I am and I don’t need to be liked by anyone else to validate my own self-worth.

  3. Avatar of Gary Ares

    Conditioning. The lifelong and purposeful alignment with societal norms. Most will never even consider this, let alone attempt to break its hold on us.

  4. Avatar of Debra Pry

    Rise above the ashes with a new found freedom..
    Take heart with soul ,
    Grab the brass ring because we are all riders in the storm..
    We create our own heaven or hell..

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