I am my Someone

When it was dark…
and there was no one
i held my hand myself to realise..
I am my Someone

“The difference between theism and nontheism is not whether one does or does not believe in God. . . Theism is a deep-seated conviction that there’s some hand to hold: if we just do the right things, someone will appreciate us and take care of us. . . Nontheism is relaxing with the ambiguity and uncertainty of the present moment without reaching for anything to protect ourselves.”
– Pema Chodron

When the world would have looked for a Someone to hold their hands, I held Mine.
When asked, what is God to you, or what is Faith, I strongly believe in this. I am my own belief, I am my own Someone.

But, this thought of mine has been criticized a lot by friends, acquaintances and many fellow pages too.
It hits me hard in the Mind, and I fail to understand what’s wrong in this.
Need your views on this. I am open to understand.


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