To My Best Friend – Thank You For Loving Me Unconditionally

to my best friend

Thank You For Appreciating My Existence.

Thank you for sharing a page of your life and for trusting me to write on it entirely. I never thought I’d be this important as I am right now in someone’s life. Thank you for making every page of my book worth reading and meaningful.

You filled everything with a burst of incomparable happiness and details. Thank you for laughing with my jokes, for removing the awkwardness between us and even the distance.

Thank You For Sharing The Rain With Me.

Thank you for being the best gift I ever received in my entire life. I didn’t expect you will come into my life and make me feel these things and to make things feel new and exciting again.

Thank you for having the courage to shake and break the walls around me. I had trust issues before, but you shattered the seal. You proved that you are different from them.

Thank You For Loving Me Unconditionally

and for being my home despite my flaws. Thank you for staying. Thank you for this wondrous and memorable experience. And now, you are slowly turning into someone I have always wanted.

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Thank You. I’m So Glad That I Met You On This Journey.

I’m blessed to have you and love you. I adore you my best friend. Every part of you.

To My Best Friend Thank You For Loving Me Unconditionally pin
to my best friend pin
To My Best Friend – Thank You For Loving Me Unconditionally
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