The Importance Of Loving Ourselves

The Importance Of Loving Ourselves

To love oneself is a wonderfully powerful experience.

It allows us to gain a greater sense of appreciation, acceptance and inner peace.

So often we search for happiness from external sources, not realizing that our outward struggles are merely a reflection of our inner uncertainties.

The validation we seek needs to come from within. We must love ourselves first, openly and freely, without circumstance or conditions.

In doing so, we acknowledge that everything we are, is plentiful and deserving of love.

Here we can learn to vulnerable and find freedom in the process.

How incredibly liberating it is to obtain courage and strength by nurturing acceptance from within.

In this space we naturally relinquish inner struggle, judgement and criticism, negative self talk stops and our internal battles to cease with them.

Comparison with others becomes redundant and chasing approval will be a thing of the past. We can openly receive positive and negative feedback from others without this defining our levels of contentment.

A healthy form of self-respect and a deep understanding of our inner worth will surface, which then sets a precedent for all our relationships with others. We become better partners, colleagues, friends and individuals when we connect with our personal uniqueness and embrace our imperfections.

To love yourself is not something that needs to be earned. It is simply a choice, that asks for nothing more than your permission to love from the inside out.

The power it holds is monumental and the positive effects run far and wide.

So surrender to yourself and trust life.

Allow yourself to be the unique, beautifully flawed human being that you are and know that your worth is never derived from opinion, status or appearance.

There is an effervescent beauty that lives at the very core of your being, one that shows every time you smile, laugh or share with others.

Know that you are more than enough and even in the darkest of times you can always choose to love yourself.

-By Kayley Easterbrook

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