To Every Girl Who Has Ever Lost Herself To A Toxic Man

Because of him, I felt alone while being physically next to him. I was dating a man who refused to kiss me and refused to look at me. He made me feel unworthy every step of the way. No matter how many times I had a huge smile on my face and was excited to see him, I was never worth looking at.

I was dating someone who intentionally put me down so he could feel powerful. It was like a game to him – the worse he could make me feel, the better it made him feel.

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I dated someone who I let manipulate me.

Every time he bailed on me or ignored my calls he somehow made me feel as if I deserved it. He made me feel as if I didn’t deserve to be spoken to. Every time I questioned him cheating on me, he somehow turned it around to me.

It was my fault he hid things because ‘if I trusted him, he wouldn’t have to hide it.’ It was my fault he messaged other girls on social media because, ‘if I trusted him, it shouldn’t matter who he talked to’. He manipulated me into believing that I was the crazy one.

I was dating someone who was jealous of me.

Because of him, I stopped greeting everyone with a smile because he was jealous of the fact that so many people knew me and liked me. He made me feel guilty for being friendly. He said that ‘I was a whore’ for knowing so many people from the opposite gender. I convinced myself that I must really be a whore if he says I am one.

Because of him, I stopped being my bubbly self in order to try to make him love me. Because of him, I thought if I made myself less of a person he would stop making me feel guilty for being me. Because of him, every time someone complimented me on something, I didn’t believe them. Because of him, I wanted to be less of a person than I am.

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I dated someone who had to put others down to build himself up.

He was the guy who was always in a relationship. He was and still is the guy who jumps immediately into a new relationship because he can’t survive without manipulating someone.

He is the guy who jumped into a new relationship 4 days after we had broken up. I truly feel sorry for the girl he is with (and the girls after her) because he will continue making all the other girls feel the way he made me feel. He will never be happy with himself and the only way he knows how to fill the void within him, is by putting others down.

I dated someone who made me stronger.

Because I left him, I feel even more empowered than ever. Because I left him, I remember what it’s like to be the girl who is always smiling but I remember the person who took that away.

Because I left him, I got my corky sense of humor back. Because I left him I have met so many people that admire me for who I am and don’t knock me down for it. And never again will I tolerate someone who does. Because I left him, I know what it feels like to be truly loved.

Because it was in leaving him I learned to love myself again.

If you want to know more about how it feels to be lost to a toxic man, then you check out this video below:

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  1. Avatar of C Cacciatore

    Oh, so I see you know my ex! 🙂 Like you, the best thing I ever did for myself was walk away. It was incredibly hard (emotionally, financially etc) but I knew that if I didn’t do it, I was going to lose myself for good. I took up yoga and mediation, threw myself in self-help and quantum healing and a year later, I have re-learned how awesome I really am. I look back and am really grateful that I went through the hard times with him because I am a stronger woman and better soul than I could ever imagined before. My whole world is now full of possibilities and I am free. Meanwhile the ex is still stuck in the same repeat cycles of misery. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Avatar of Mousumi Mukherjee

    In my case HE walked away, the best thing he ever did, cos that’s when my sanity returned and I was able to objectively see my situation. But it leaves me with a lot of anger towards myself for not having had the strength to have stood up for myself.

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