To Be Himself/Herself, Without The Threat Of Leaving.

To be himself/herself, without the threat of leaving.

The greatest gift you can give someone is the space to be his or herself, without the threat of you leaving.

24 thoughts on “To Be Himself/Herself, Without The Threat Of Leaving.”

  1. The Minds Journal ,if considered natural I would say ..even ''natural tendencies'' should be ''tempered'' with thought,for example,''the need to breed''…there is a time and place for everything…

  2. Attractive and Tempting offer! 🙂 but the term 'space', needs to be elaborately defined with necessary terms n conditions. According to me, space NEVER implies for the liberty or freedom to take undue advantage of trust/ faith of the other person! If you have made a commitment from heart, if you genuinely hold affection and if you are attached to someone, then it IS mandatory to respect and be loyal! One has no liberty to modify the rules of a relationship as per convinience. I agree that any loving bond should never be possessive or aggressive or suspicious or over demanding to the point of strangulating the opposite person, individual rights are to be respected mutually! Over indulgence without self restrain can be fatal for even the most wonderful relations..YET when one asserts or accepts to love or being in love, then it naturally carries a responsibility to preserve the integrity of both, you cannot avoid being answerable to the concerned person/ friend/ lover! Dont impose or force anything neither tolerate any impractical restriction, STILL dont do anything that can potentially contaminate or pollute your bond!

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