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To All the Friends I’ve Lost

To All the Friends I’ve Lost

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Do we even realize, how fast our lives are on the go? So as I sit here in my living room, and contemplate the life I have lived, I would like to take these few moments and reflect upon the past and remember the friends I’ve lost.

Not being the person who has the tendency to hurt a fellow being intentional, I think I never did anything intentionally hurtful that could hurt a person’s sentiments. I have always been the one trying to pull through and makeup to everyone. And yes, I cared enough for the people I have once called my friends. I wish I could still call them my friends. I do miss them anyway.

Friendships are put to tests. And it’s always a two-sided bond to manage. If one person is trying and doing his/her best to get things right, and the other person is being ignorant, then nothing could ever be put in the right frame. And eventually, one person among the two is left hurting. Sometimes misunderstandings take the lead. Other times, lack of communication. Also, not keeping in touch, or not responding right if one person is even trying to do so.

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But, I can peacefully say one thing for sure, that ‘I tried.’ I tried to keep in touch. I tried to be there. Yet I was the one who felt alone in a bunch of people who were supposed to be my friends. I was the one who kept going, trying to mend the bonds and keep them. I was the one who respected the differences. Yet sadly, I was the one being misunderstood the most.

I think to myself. What good do humans find in the negative emotions of jealousy and envy? What good is there in moving forward, unless required? What good is there in being ignorant of the fact that it’s all temporary?

This life is temporary. Today shall pass, like yesterday is no more, the same way tomorrow will come and be gone soon. Amid the rush and the hustle, what good is there in being alone and having no one to call your ‘true friend.’ The one who cared equally. The one who stayed, and didn’t give up on you. I wish I could say, that I do have quite a few.

But life does treat us all differently, surprising our expectations, one way or another.

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    Farzeen Khan
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