14 Tips and Tricks To Master Your Intuition

Tips Tricks Master Your Intuition

To get to know your intuitive self, it’s an excellent idea to dedicate a notebook to intuition, and every day record the guidance you receive, along with the method of reception (gut feeling, sense of knowing, synchronicity, vision, dream, etc…). Then, once a week, review this record and note the accuracy – including whether or not you followed the guidance. Before long, an emerging pattern will help you understand, cultivate and trust your intuition.

14. Follow Your Inspiration!

Did you know that intuitive guidance often shows up as inspiration? In fact, there’s a big difference between inspiration and motivation? While motivation is generally ego-driven and often convoluted (doing one thing to get another), inspiration is a form of higher guidance.

Although motivation and inspiration could manifest as the same type of action, the quality of action is vastly different, and, consequently, the outcome can drastically change. For instance, a book written through inspiration is miles above the same book written through motivation.

While actions driven through motivation can feel forced and difficult, actions guided by inspiration often result in a natural flow of effortless movement.

Nothing’s Set in Stone!

One last thing…when you receive an intuitive hit or vision, you are just seeing one possible outcome or path (out of many), and although this may be the path or outcome that you’re most aligned with at the moment, nothing is set in stone….until you believe it!

Therefore, if your intuition shows you something unwanted, don’t just believe it!

By refocusing your attention on the desired outcome and simultaneously taking positive actions that support that outcome, intuition gives you the power to change the future before it even unfolds!

You are love, you are light, and all is well!

Written By Nanice Ellis
Originally appeared on:Wake Up World and is republished here with permission

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14 Tips and Tricks To Master Your Intuition
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