Tips To Grow In This Competitive Era!

2. Kill dependency on expectations

Generating expectations from who-so-ever can at times be depressing! It can be expectations at the workplace or in relationships, dependency on someone can cost high.

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To excel amid high competition, it is significant to learn from the failures and not be dependent on someone to act as a medium for your success.

The best things I have learned working across numerous platforms is dependency makes a man handicapped. Therefore, do not allow anyone to control your decisions rather be independent.


3. Let bygones be bygones

Past should never be your present partner rather only the learned lessons! To grow progressively in the present, it is significant to learn from experiences.

Whether it is about business, job or relationship, past experience give lifelong lessons.

Carrying the dark sides from the past does not allow us to succeed and therefore a fresh start is important.

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4. Trust yourself

The biggest drawback, which I personally feel effects people, is lack of trust on their own self. Trust is very important to rebuild a person! Courage is a gift of trust, which allows us to fight the world.

I realized this when I started trusting my decisions.

Failures generally demoralize people, but taking positive lessons from it and trusting one’s own self makes wonders unwavering.

-By Prachi Priya

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