Tips That Will Make Writing Less Terrifying

Writing is a great opportunity for you to shine. It’s an exercise for your mind that lets you write your thoughtful arguments on a certain topic within a restrictive word count. However, if you write essay regularly, you might be using the same formula every time. The challenge now is how to take it to the next level. In that way, you can receive a great report from just being good.

Share your writing with others

You can share your essays with other people so you can get a variety of feedback. They may also return the favor. In that way, you read other people’s writing, allowing you to develop an essay-writing style. Opt to read a variety of essays from your peers or other people from another background. Make sure to read essays that aren’t in your niche. With different disciplines, you can learn different styles and arguments. In that way, you can pick up various possible techniques that you can use in your essay so you won’t get stuck with the same formula each time. You should also read broadsheet newspapers. Reading opinion pieces let you know how a writer supports his points with proof.

Build vocabulary

Having a good vocabulary lets you express your opinion concisely and clearly. Good essay-makers don’t like wasting their time using long words. Instead, they voice their views briefly but succinctly. Using a good vocabulary will display your intelligence, letting you become more persuasive in your essay. One way to build your vocabulary is to learn a new word each day. In today’s technology, you can easily subscribe to online dictionaries that will send new word through emails. Another effective way to build vocabulary is to read widely. And each time you encounter an unfamiliar word, you must refer it to a dictionary. It’s the best way to learn new words while knowing how to use it in context. You can read fiction and non-fiction. Don’t be afraid to use a thesaurus so you can avoid using the same words. Look up some words in a thesaurus so you can find different words of the same meaning. Each time you learn new words, you must also learn how to use them right away. But don’t use obscure words if you can use simpler words. In this way, you can avoid sounding pompous. Don’t use words for the sake of using them. Don’t waffle.

Organize your ideas and thoughts

You must organize your writing process. Start by brainstorming and writing your thoughts. Include those ideas that you think aren’t smart enough. Keep in mind that these not-so-smart ideas might give you the best results in the end. At the start of the writing process, your ideas might be messy. However, after writing them down, you can easily develop and organize your essay. Doing so will help in determining the arguments of your piece.

Write an outline

The outline doesn’t have to be in depth. It can be a few notes of what you wish to say in your novel or essay. You can use bullet points and subheadings to write your outline. When you have a proper outline, the page no longer appears blank and looks scary. It’s also a good idea to write down all ideas you have in a notebook. When you have ideas, it’ll no longer be tricky to get started. Because you have ideas, you can avoid staring at a blank page.

Written by Catrin Cooper

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