5 Tips to Become Successful As a Single Mother

4. Take care of money matters

One of the non-negotiable things to do to become successful as a single mother, is to have a good grip over finances.

Whether you have support from your ex-spouse or not, it’s a good idea to have a financial forecast to work with, which includes aspects of health, academics, travel and even emergencies.

If you’ve had joint debt with your ex-spouse, see if you can pay it off as fast as possible. Joint debts can be tricky for the simple reason that if the other party isn’t paying, authorities will come after your life. Living debt-free is a good idea anytime, even more so if you’re a single mother.

Alongside all of this, see if you can create some financial goals for yourself.

  • Do you need child support?
  • Would you do better with a higher-paying job?

These are some questions to ask, better now than later.


5. Refer to good role models

Everybody does a little better with inspiration around. When it comes to single mothers, this is probably truer than ever.

A break from the more accepted family format can often make single parent families feel a bit broken. However, there are many examples in history where people made it big and stayed happy despite being raised by single parents.

One such case in point is President Barrack Obama. There are of course many others including Kate Beckinsale, Halle Berry and Eddie Murphy.

A list such as this can be inspiring especially on days you feel dejected and disillusioned by how an arrangement like this will play out. It’s a method to remember people have done it before and people will choose this way of life after you.

What’s more important is how you make something work and not how something inherently is. Role models closer home like uncles, grandfathers and even men you befriend can have a big impact on your and your child’s life.


If you’re a single mother reading this piece, it’s needless to say that you’re living a choice many would shy away from. As tough as it gets on some days, with a few practices in place, you can be a superlative caregiver.

Here’s wishing you the very best.



1. “Stress, social support and depression in single mothers” led by Cairney J in 2003 and “Single mothers in low-wage jobs” led by Jackson AP in 2000.

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5 Tips to Become Successful As a Single Mother


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